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WHY? What would make me want to do this.

March 31, 2006

I have some trouble trying to explain to my friends and spouse what exactly it is that I do at school. You see, I am a returning student and am 37 years old and some people want to know what I am up to. Save some e-mail time and give fam and friends something to look at.  Pics to come soon as I get back to school.


Spring Break is almost over

March 31, 2006

Break is almost over and all I have done is study and work. some break. I did kinda take it easy but that consisted of catching a minute here and there to enjoy the weather here in sunny Southwest Florida, by the pool of course.  Pharmacology is what I have to look forward to upon my return. Tuesday will mark the third exam in respiratory pharm. We will be covering anticholinergics and mucolytics and bronchodialators and surfactants.  Sounds like fun huh?

Just dosages and indications and adverse indications and side effects and mode of action.  Thats all. So in order to better prepare myself for this I am getting intoxicated tonite.  I think it should help.

Hello world!

March 30, 2006

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!